Client:                                          Private

Type:                                            Villa

Project date:                               2019/2020

                                                      Construction: 2020/2021

Location:                                      Nová Baňa, Slovakia

Autori:                                           Ing. arch. Michal Pasiar, PhD., ACREA s.r.o.

Project area:                                Floor area: 702 m²

                                                       Plot area: 14 431m²


Nature is the best… Villa is its quiet witness. doesn’t want to disturb, it wants to be its detail.

Villa is located on an ideal plot under the forest to get a breath-taking view of the valley and all-natural environment values in the marginal part of the Nova Baňa’s urban structure.



Horizontality plays the main role in shaping Villa because it highlights the relationship to the verticality of the natural environment around.

The psychological connection between Villa and nature is supported by natural stone used on façades as the main material in combination with magnificent glazed window surfaces

Determination of positioning of the villa respects functional relationships to neighborhood and onward circumstances as north orientation and views.

In the northeast part of the plot, the villa is in touch with land borders and there is a place for English-style park on the southwest.