Client:                                       Investor

Type:                                         Polyfunctional object

Project date:                            2019/2020

Location:                                   Bratislava

Status:                                       Project for a construction permit

Architect General:                   ACREA s.r.o.

Authors:                                     Ing.arch. Karol Kállay, Ing.arch. Karol Kállay ml.

                                                    Ing.arch. Branislav Bolčo, Ing. Radovan Valenta

Project area:                              Floor area: 78 236,5 m2 (above ground level)

                                                                        39 889,9 m2 (sublevel)

                                                     Built-up area: 6.870,6 m2


The construction of the Green park complex is planned on the site of the original Artmedia Petržalka football stadium. The location of the land is limited on the east side by a flyover bridge, which is part of the construction of a public transport system, based on a tram line.

As an area located in close proximity to the city center, it is necessary to situate the functions of civic amenities of city and suburban facilities, supplemented by the function of housing and sports with full parking facilities.

The material and spatial composition are arranged so that the image of the landscape is suitably incorporated and with an effort to revitalize the areas of the green attractive area of ​​the Sad J. Kráľ Park.

The office building is a 10-story building with dimensions of 97.3 x 53.8 m, in a modular layout of 8 x 7.5 m and two underground garage floors. It is situated in the northeastern part of the complex in direct connection with the Jantárova cesta street.

The multifunctional building is a 30-story building with dimensions of 30.5 x 30.5 m, in a modular outline of 7.5 x 7.5 m, with two rectangular underground floors. It is situated in the southeastern part of the complex in direct connection with the Jantárova and Viedeňská cesta streets.