VIVA Lipno

VIVA Lipno

Client:                                       Private

Type:                                         Apartment complex

Project date:                            2019/2020

Location:                                   Lipno nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Status:                                       Architectural design

Authors:                                    Ing. arch. Michal Pasiar

                                                   Ing. Andrea Jaurová, HIP. ACREA s.r.o.

Project area:                             Plot area: 45 813 m2

                                                    Floor area: 59 600 m2

Czech Republic

The architecture of the buildings is based on the philosophy of supplementing the forest with a mass that would be preserving the minimum environmental footprint, the symbiosis of material and spatial composition and the natural environment.

The composition of the building´s mass respects the spatial regulation of the zoning plan. Family houses have two above-ground floors and an attic. The facades of all buildings are glazed towards the water tank in order to preserve the intimate relationship between architecture and the Lipno water area. The materials are chosen to evoke the impression of wooden architecture in the interior and exterior. The color of the design is also based on this.

The design emphasizes the natural composition of objects that relies on verticality to support the verticality of the forest. With the non-conflict feeling, it also guarantees a minimum built-up area, and thus the least possible need for tree felling. We literally emphasize the contact of houses with trees.

The view of the water surface and contact with the lake is an important determinant of the design and therefore each object has a guaranteed quality view of the water surface. The facades of all buildings are oriented towards the lake, while the background facades look introverted.

The buildings are equipped with outdoor terraces, which include a whirlpool or places for barbecue and relaxation. The basic visual material, common to all objects, is wooden cladding (ceramic wood) combined with stone cladding and large glazed areas of windows.