Eagle Security

Eagle Security

Our aim was to bring predominantly privacy and comfort into the office space of the company implementing security solutions. Reception as the place of the first contact is visually very important and must leave the visitor with the right impression immediately at the first meeting. Desired effect was achieved by elevating the reception in order to have better eye contact with the visitor together with the dominant counter with the prominent company logo.


Geometrical illuminated installation as a dynamic visual element on the wall opposite the reception balances the dominant nature of the reception.
The offices of individual employees are equipped relatively simply but in a functional way. The space itself played a big role and we didn´t want them to have a cramped effect (their space is approx. 15 m2), in each of the offices there is a small seating area designed for the meetings with clients. In order for the space to remain airy the office doors are made of glass, however, containing a strip of milk glass, specially for the protection of the data being dealt with.

Conference room leaves unusual impression, too. Although the office space trends order to choose simple colours and clean lines, in this case the architects decided not to fear experimenting and in opulent style of the remaining office space they chose a bold carpet attracting attention. Monochromatic combination is spiced up by bronze brown creative coating in the conference room as well as other offices.

The second dominant space is the office of the executive director of the company. The imposing table of the director creates an imaginary line between the strictly working zone of the office and the second, more relaxing part governed by the comfortable seating in the natural light sand tone. Since the most important meetings are carried out here, this seating represents the feeling of security, peace and trust.

Photo: Dano Veselský